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After one week, the pills alesse other names alesse birth control generic alesse pros and cons alessia cara moana elysee eye will protect against pregnancy . However, if you want alesse to start sooner and your period isn’t for a few weeks, you can still begin taking your birth control pills, but you won’t be protected right away . If you take your first pill within five days of your alesse vs yaz alesse medscape alesse 28 review yaz alesse comparison alesse skip period alesse vs period, you’re protected immediately .
Combination birth control pills are more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy when: the pill is TAKEN alesse AS DIRECTED, and . the amount of estrogen alesse is 20 micrograms or more . alesse A 99 percent effectiveness rate means that if 100 women used birth control pills for one year, one woman in the group would get pregnant .

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